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01Committed to the rope making machinery industry in the past decade, the company has strong strength

The company was established in 2009 and has been committed to the rope making machinery industry

Introduction of high-tech technology

Rope making equipment has been produced for nearly ten years, and has maintained long-term and stable cooperative relationships with multiple rope making plants;

02Multiple product specifications and preferential prices

Rope making machinery and equipment are diverse, with guaranteed quality and preferential prices;

The product has a qualified quality certificate, and the quality is guaranteed;

03Sufficient equipment resources guarantee - fast delivery cycle

Maintain inventory throughout the year and maintain stable supply of goods;

04High quality and continuous improvement

Advanced technology: experienced employees and advanced equipment, advanced technology.

05Focus on service

Dedicated and experienced professional team, providing you with one-stop service for rope making equipment one-on-one;

Flexible order processing capabilities to meet customer needs.

About us

Rizhao Lanshan Xianglong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wire drawing machines and rope making machines. Our factory integrates design, manufacturing, and sales, with strong technical force and excellent equipment.Rizhao Lanshan Xianglong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that designs and produces complete sets of wire drawing and rope making equipment. We have a deep understanding of the equipment required for the wire drawing and rope making process.Adopting the foreign rope making mode and incorporating my own practical operation experience, the product has the advantages of novel design, compact structure, stable performance, reliable quality…查看詳情

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Rizhao Lanshan Xianglong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

contacts:Liu Yun (Manager)

mobile phone:13606330798


address:日照市嵐山區汾水鎮 (S222省道山東焦電公司對過)

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